Imtiaz Jaffri

Imtiaz Jaffri


Managing Director – PakCyber



As President of Quaid Technologies, Mr. Imtiaz Jaffri oversees the strategic direction of the organization and upholds the company’s position at the forefront of the industry. Under his direction, the company is growing both organically and achieving the strategic direction. His solid commitment to innovation, combined with a dedication to customers’ needs, led him to successfully straighten the company’s services to the clients. He is a prominent thought leader who has capitalized on his extensive experience in information technology.

Before joining Quaid Technologies, Mr. Imtiaz Jaffri is Managing Director of PakCyber sine 1997. In his role, he worked closely with client management, marketing, merchandising, and product information teams to define application and Web site functionality; Included, providing strategic vision related to the integration of business and technology to increase sales and productivity. He also implemented the online SAF STAR Club approach, scope, and deliverables for the SAF Games along with official marketing agency Orient Advertisers in 2002.He is the one to establish the first online business in Pakistan in 1998. Mr. Imtiaz Jaffri has proudly set up a web portal in anticipation to cover all the results and news about Pakistan Elections which is comprehensive, dynamic and interactive site that has already made its presence felt on the internet. In addition, Mr. Imtiaz Jaffri has also played a major role in securing a contract between Circ Info and Pakistan Cricket Board to web telecast the first ever live game of a Cricket Match Between Australia and Pakistan in 1997.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from Elon College. NC. USA in 1992. Mr. Imtiaz Jafri’s Innate understanding of diverse business models allow him for a unique perspective on development requirements and goals for the future. To span the market verticals, he understands that how to translates the expertise into the solution sales.


BBA – In Marketing and Finance from Elon College. NC. USA in 1992.

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