Skype was developed essentially by an offshore
team in Estonia

Digg’s first version was developed on a freelance
website. which successfully sold to Xing for
$7.5 million was an offshore development.

Full-time onshore technical team lead


It is totally impossible for any body that between in-house responsibility, he would also be able to look after what is happening in offshore team. This very responsibility requires the permanent specialized leader whose sole duty is to work with the offshore group. The leader is required to clear the business needs and provide inspirations for each task. He also arranged to make coordination, help comprehend troublesome specialized difficulties, auditing and coach the offshore group. By keeping all these needs in mind, Quaid Technologies love to offer the perfect individual for the onshore team lead responsibility.

Corresponding offshore technical team lead


The permanent onshore team leader directly communicates with offshore technical team lead.The both leaders need to be in touch for the perfect outcome of the service. Direct communication also be made if there are some specialized inquiries. Some consider that outsourcing the entire project to a company is tense with danger. We minimize the tension and risk, by providing the offshore and onshore technical team leaders to generate strong engagement.

Daily meetings using videoconferencing


Another way to build a close relationship with the client and the offshore team is arranging daily meetings. The video conferencing is worthy and more reliable way in terms of deciding the business needs and making a follow up. These meetings are fundamental for verbal communication and act like a visit session. Video conference lets the client see the positivity and the response of the offshore team via their body language and tone.

Get to know all Offshore Team


We understand the value of having interviewed individuals in the organization. That’ why for offering the offshore team, we really want that client must be satisfied with the team. So we provide the facility of interviewing and Video Communication. In the result of extensive communiqué, the client gets to know not only the team lead rather the whole team is coming into the knowledge of the client. The client can know the sufficient information about the whole team and face to face interaction show him the overall personality and professionalism of the team.

Small, highly skilled teams


In reality, you are hiring a small group of IT individuals, but in fact a whole established company is working for you. This offshore group is made up of your selection and highly talented in their specialized field. The team is small in number like 6 or 7 in size, but their time is just dedicated to your work. We further divide the team according to their tasks and field, so the work can be more narrow down and the client will feel ease while giving the work schedule.

Everyone participates in architecture and design


If you want that your offshore team grow in their experience, knowledge of the organization, surge retention and job satisfaction which ultimately lead to better performance. You need to let the offshore team to participate in the architecture and design. We support both of these activities, so that the offshore team will feel like a part of the your organization. They do not feel alien who just having a work list and do not know anything about the organization and all. Our Offshore team takes an interest in building design and outline dialogues plus our engineers comprehend the choices that are made in the configuration process.

Challenge offshore developers


Our team love challenging either they are working in-house or working as an offshore team. We mostly love if the client puts responsibility like decision making and problem solving at the team lead because it enhance and groom their profession. Ordinarily the client already thought of a finer arrangement which ultimately push back the team thoughts to tackle the issues. The dealing with challenges show their tendency to stay on the venture.

Website Audit

In-depth Site Analysis

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Competition Analysis

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Content Duplicacy Check

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Google Penalty Check

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Keyword Research

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Initial Backlinks analysis

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Title & Meta Tags Optimization

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Website Content Writing

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HTML Code Cleanup & Optimization

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Internal Link Structuring & Optimization

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Pages H tags Optimization

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Canonicalization/301 Redirect

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Website Page Load Optimization

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Schema Markup Implementation

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Image & Hyperlink Optimization

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Robots.txt Creation/Analysis

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Sitemap Creation

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Google & Bing Webmaster Tools Setup

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Google Analytics Setup & Integration

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Content Optimization

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Content Marketing and Link Acquisition (Per Month)

12 keywords, Local10 keywords, Moderate Competitive10 keywords, Competitive
4 Blogs Writing8 Blogs Writing16 Blogs Writing
16 Blog Posting Links Sharing16 Blog Posting Links Sharing16 Blog Posting Links Sharing
4 Informational Content Writing & Sharing8 Informational Content Writing & Sharing16 Informational Content Writing & Sharing
1 Press Release Writing 2 Press Release Writing 4 Press Release Writing
10 Press Release Links Distribution20 Press Release Links Distribution40 Press Release Links Distribution
10 Press Release Social Bookmarking20 Press Release Social Bookmarking40 Press Release Social Bookmarking
1 Guest Blog Writing2 Guest Blog Writing3 Guest Blog Writing
Guest Blog Social BookmarkingGuest Blog Social BookmarkingGuest Blog Social Bookmarking
5 One Way Links15 One Way Links25 One Way Links
Premium PR DistributionPremium PR DistributionPremium PR Distribution
DOC / PDF SubmissionDOC / PDF SubmissionDOC / PDF Submission
Infographic Creation & DistributionInfographic Creation & DistributionInfographic Creation & Distribution

Social Media Marketing (Per Month)

40 Social Bookmarking80 Social Bookmarking100 Social Bookmarking
Facebook Page Setup (Cover Page Design)Facebook Page Setup (Cover Page Design)Facebook Page Setup (Cover Page Design)
Google Plus Page Setup Google Plus Page Setup Google Plus Page Setup
Twitter Account Setup Twitter Account Setup Twitter Account Setup
6 Unique Social Media Posting9 Unique Social Media Posting15 Unique Social Media Posting
$99/month Facebook Ads Management$99/month Facebook Ads Management$99/month Facebook Ads Management

Local Search Optimization

Citation Building/Review PostingCitation Building/Review PostingCitation Building/Review Posting
Google Business Page CreationGoogle Business Page CreationGoogle Business Page Creation
Google + Local Page Creation & OptimizationGoogle + Local Page Creation & OptimizationGoogle + Local Page Creation & Optimization
Bing Local ListingBing Local ListingBing Local Listing
NAP SyndicationNAP SyndicationNAP Syndication
Classified SubmissionsClassified SubmissionsClassified Submissions
Coupon DistributionCoupon DistributionCoupon Distribution
Updating Pages & Schema IntegrationUpdating Pages & Schema IntegrationUpdating Pages & Schema Integration
$199/month Google AdWords Management$199/month Google AdWords Management$199/month Google AdWords Management

Video Marketing (Per Month)

Youtube Channel CreationYoutube Channel CreationYoutube Channel Creation
Pinterest Account SetupPinterest Account SetupPinterest Account Setup
Vimeo Account SetupVimeo Account SetupVimeo Account Setup
Dailymotion Account SetupDailymotion Account SetupDailymotion Account Setup
1 Video / PPT Creation + Distribution2 Video / PPT Creation + Distribution 3 Video / PPT Creation + Distribution

Basic $299/month   •   Advance $499/month   •   Aggressive $899/month



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Cost Reduction


You can reduce operational costs by up to 80% when you offshore your project. Cost reduction is the very basic benefit you receive after hiring the offshore team. You can have the reliable sourcing, focused team, tailored-fit operating model and service optimization by just hiring a few skilled person offshore. We have the client engagement model that supports client requirements in all forms. That’s why we sit with you to understand your business and goals.

Ready to use infrastructure


Quaid Technologies hold more than years of experience in various fields and service of Information Technology. From simple to complex project, we deal with the each project requirement with advanced technologies, so hiring the offshore team of us, you are actually hiring the whole company for you. You do not need to establish any of the infrastructures like office space, hardware, software, and communication facilities which definitely a cost advantage.

Immediate availability


The time duration is owed in a manner so that the client can keep a constant communication with our team. As a client, you have the access to our team at all hours. The work process is kept flexible according to the convenience of the client. Before starting the work, the time schedule is being set by the client so that client can have an immediate conversation when he needs.

Team Strength


At Quaid Technologies, the offshore pool involves the designers, developers, content writers, app engineers and security provider with proven records in their respective field. Basically, we provide the team with strength of 6-7 according to the project. As the team is small so it is really easy to manage and communicated with them. Our each team individual adheres to proven methodologies and best practices.

Goal Focus


As a client, you can now engage with your customers and leave the work to the experienced team offshore. Now you have more time to implement better ways for your business. You can develop new marketing strategies and generate more income. We allow you to concentrate on what your goal is. We let you focus on more important things concerning your business’ success by sharing the work burden.

Right Protection


At all stages of work, we make the follow up and keep the complete transparency. From work distribution to each activity discussed and updated to the client, we keep the records. We also value that each project comes to adhering to the security protocol. So, whatever is the information type, the protocol is maintained at all stages.

Low risk – high return


By hiring an offshore team you handle the project with the help of skilled specialists. The setup of the new IT department and the infrastructure will bring such a cost to the business and you never know that is it going to be profitable for you or not. So the offshore team minimizes the risk, through providing the established infrastructure with skilled professional which cost you very low. As a client, you can expect accurate and speedy outputs from a group of experienced staff.


Dedicated Offshore Team Model

According to this model, the client has an authority over the offshore team. The team work solely 40 hours every week for the client under the ideal control. This model is very helpful in case of taking care of business, according to business needs and prerequisites. Quaid Technologies will make venture groups with the obliged undertaking administrators, colleagues and the vital supplies and base focused around your business needs.


Time & Material Model

The T&M model works best for customers who want a flexible and supple project execution. This model works best in the projects of development of the software product or solution. It is a good option if the client requirements change frequently. The T&M Model is like when the client carries virtually all the related risks of scope, quality of deliverables and project management. There are no risks and no investments by service providers. We only assign a team to the client and the actual time spent by the team on the project is billed.


Fixed Price Model

Fixed Price Model empowers us to work with you to describe fitting deliverables and courses of events in achieving a common concurred altered cost. It is ideal for small and medium level projects with clear and well-defined requirements. Fixed price models allow clients to pay a fixed price for a project that is agreed upon by both the parties. In this model, it is very important to discuss everything and make an estimation of the appropriate cost of the project at the very beginning.


Responsibilities of Onsite QA associate/coordinator

  • Knowledge transfer from the client to the team – Obtain the technical knowledge and share it with the team
  • Communicate time lines, progress, delays etc back and forth from the team to the client and vice versa
  • Shares the FRD (functional requirements document) and works on making a test plan
  • Review the test scenarios/Test cases with the client team and provides a sign off
  • Provides inputs on the test data preparation phase
  • Provides test execution guidelines.
  • Perform the smoke and sanity test on any deployed build and gives a go ahead for the team to continue testing
  • Sometimes, participates in the test execution
  • Holds defect review meetings with the concerned development and support teams
  • Collects metrics
  • Supports UAT


Responsibilities of Offshore team

  • The associates get the test plan and work on test scenarios
  • After the test scenarios are signed off, the team would work on documenting the test cases
  • Prepare test data
  • Execute the tests
  • Report defects
  • Prepare test reports
  • Provide inputs for test metric collection
  • Participate in the defect review and other project related meetings.


Advantages of Onsite – Offshore Software Testing Model

  • If used right, this model can ensure that there is work going on every minute of the 24 hours on a project.
  • Direct client interaction helps in better communication and also improves the business relationship.
  • You will have all the information about the systems and the client’s requirements easily available.
  • Cost effective – Offshore teams cost less than setting up the entire QA team onsite.


Quaid Technologies have ripened methods and clear procedures for offshore work management, which help business with up to 50% of savings in budgets without compromising on worth and consistency of the services. We are good to provide the complete project team offshore that works entirely under the direct supervision of clients.