MedMaster Mobility

MedMaster Mobility

*** There’s MedMaster. And then there’s everything else. ***

If a patient suffers a stroke on a Sunday afternoon and you need to be reached immediately regardless of your whereabouts, MedMaster could mean the difference between your patient going home and watching his children grow up or never recognizing his family again.



MedMaster … the world’s first and only Patent-Pending and commercialized EHR-agnostic, 100% secure and HIPAA-compliant mobile healthcare delivery platform with embedded advanced medical speech recognition and Clinical Language Understanding, both powered by Nuance Healthcare … for truly patient centered care and better outcomes … at anytime, and from anywhere regardless of which of the multiple legacy EHRs to which MedMaster is simultaneously connected.

*** This App is “LIVE” and connected to two of the Top 10 EHR systems ***

• Native iPad & iPad mini Application with Apple-like Interface
• Everything is included, no hidden fees
• Eliminate over 90% of transcription costs
• Nuance medical speech recognition & navigation, CLU, as well as text-to-speech
extracting and coding data from clinical text
• Unlimited use of all Nuance speech services (dictation accuracy will significantly increase in your personal production version of MedMaster)
• Full EHR Interoperability with simple, one-touch interface
• Simultaneously connect to your office EHR and EHR’s at other locations you may frequent
• Helps achieve Stage Two “Meaningful Use” of the HITECH Act of 2009 by unlocking clinical data from narratives
• Receive federal EHR adoption incentive payments from Medicare and Medicaid
• Workflows can be customized to suit any practice specialty
• Append appointments, S.O.A.P./progress notes, lab results, patient info, allergies, and imaging data, and more in real-time
• Review and update entire patient charts, vitals, medications, immunizations, lab results, problems, and more in real time
• e-prescribing (e-Rx) with electronic transmission to pharmacies along with checking of drug interactions using your existing e-Rx systems
• Easily manage your lab orders
• Electronic billing support
• Effortlessly share lab or test results, ER visits, medications, allergies, SOAP, and more, and in real time with other healthcare professionals


• Start using MedMaster Mobility in just minutes
• iPad mini easily fits into a lab coat pocket
• Bank-level SSL 256-bit encryption
• No Web browser required
• Dictate patient notes on-the-go in real-time
• Increase reimbursements by up to $10K+ per year
• More one-on-one time with your patients
• Save an average of 22 minutes per day, with some providers indicating that they saved as much as 45 minutes per day when using speech recognition
• Navigate and make corrections using your voice or control audio capture and text corrections using familiar gestures on the iPad
• Capture iPad photos and videos for documentation
• Free updates and upgrades delivered wirelessly during the license term


1.Download the FREE MedMaster Mobility App onto your very own iPad or iPad mini
2.Take MedMaster Mobility for a free, no obligation “LIVE” test drive
3.Sign on, navigate, dictate, and within minutes appreciate all the features and benefits MedMaster Mobility has to offer

No actual patient data should ever be entered into the application. By downloading and installing this version of MedMaster Mobility you accept full responsibility for any data entered from your iPad or iPad mini.

A license from Master Mobile Products is required to use and connect a production version of MedMaster Mobility to your existing EMR/EHR system via our Patent Pending Communication Services Software Application.

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