Rural Development Policy Institute

Rural Development Policy Institute Rural Development Policy Institute

“Rural Development Policy Institute (RDPI) is a civil initiative aimed to stimulate public dialogue on policies; inform public action; and activate social regrouping to celebrate capacities and address vulnerabilities of resource-poor rural communities in Pakistan. RDPI undertakes research, planning, training, advocacy and endeavors to streamline appropriate and people-centered rural development in Pakistan.

Who we are?
RDPI is a non-profit civil society organisation dedicated to sustainable rural development in Pakistan. We started our work in 2001-02, from the small town of Pindi Bhattian in central Punjab. Since then, our geographical coverage and scope of work has expanded, and our domain of activities and expertise has significantly broadened, ranging from disaster and environmental risk reduction to concrete initiatives strengthening local livelihoods.
RDPI is registered as a Non Government Organization in Islamabad under the Trust Act 1882.”