Shahzad Gul Enterprises

Shahzad Gul Enterprises

Shahzad Gul Enterprises “SGE” is a Trading division of Evernew Group which owns country’s leading Film Studios namely “Evernew Studios” founded in 1956. The founder of the Group Agha G. A. Gul (late) formed Evernew Group in 1937 . Today Evernew is 72 years old and the largest motion picture company in Pakistan. With vast infrastructure facilities, manpower resources exceeding 200, a strong affinity to technology and a passion for innovation, Evernew Group is fully equipped to meet the diverse needs of this demanding segment of Healthcare and Defense market.

Shahzad Gul Enterprises “SGE” was established in August 2000 for the import of Medical disposables, Electro-Medical Equipment and Military Supplies for Ministry of Defense, Government of Pakistan.
In 2007 Shahzad Gul Enterprises established a regional office in Rawalpindi to deal with procurement of spares, components and defense equipment including plant and machinery for the Defense Industries as well as for Public and Private sector.
In 2009, we won tenders from Civil Aviation Authority worth US$.4 million and from DGDP, Ministry of Defence worth US$.620 m.
We are regularly participating in tenders for Food commodities also.

Defense Division
This wing has successfully won a contract from the Army for Lithium Batteries BA-5590 U 15 Volts and is participating in other tenders for Naval equipment , Parts & components of PRC-77 Radio Set, Spares for Aviation, Ballistic Armor Plates, Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Ballistic Goggles, DMS/Desert Boots, Mobile Field Kitchen, Transceivers, Frequency Jammers, Virgin Metals, Solar Energy Equipment and Aviation Spares with representations from reputable suppliers .
Ever new Group has over 250 employees which include Aeronautical Engineers, Aeronautical Consultants, Sales Executives, Sub-divisional Managers, Engineers, Finance Managers, Admin Managers and Sales Staff.

Medical Division
This wing which is headed by a two star retired General from the Medical Corps, specializes in the supply of Medical disposables to Pakistan Armed Forces, Pakistan International Airlines and other Government and Private Hospitals. During 2006 “SGE” has won Army tenders for medical supplies worth approximately US$ 2 million. The firm is also regularly providing Medical disposables and Electro-Medical Equipment to Military Hospitals through local purchase.”