“Is an unincorporated organization of those who do not think we should accept war as a way of life for our children.
It was not always so, and most of us would choose life, not war, if we had the chance. If you are one of the millions who recognize this tragic, self-evident truth, you might wish to read on.

Those who benefit from continuous wars have always been with us. Some obvious examples are munitions makers, and international bankers who never mention war but prosper in the background. It is, and should be, our first citizen duty to recognize those who profit from war, those we call the Warmakers. Yes, we do need national “defense” in case we are ever attacked. But in our voter controlled society we must keep the Warmakers in check or they will “take your sons…to make his instruments of war”, as one Old Testament Bible prophesy in the book of Samuel warns. We must teach our children about Warmakers, for it is they who will carry his weapons and fly his drones.

The most obvious opponent of Warmaking should be our churches, mosques and synagogues, but they are not!
We, the grassroots, mostly Christian Americans, meet in and fund these churches. Tax Exempt religious organizations are the major support for our serial wars and military adventures in the false name of “peacekeeping and self-defense.” Most of our churches claim to follow Jesus, the Peacemaker, but fail to stand for peace. Some 15 years ago We Hold These Truths helped name these errant, war apologizing Church leaders, “Christian Zionists.”

Our story begins over two decades ago. Our first MILESTONE article is dated December 26, 1991, addressed to a church, and entitled, “Iraq: America Prepped For ‘War’,” by Charles Carlson.

It ends, “May God forgive us if, by our inaction, we allow genocide against Muslim women and children and the sacrifice of even one of our own children. The average Christian could not… provide a single reason why we should sacrifice the life of one American boy… ”
Is that not exactly what happened in Iraq? Do you not hear the same war drums beating out a chant to “engage” Syria and Iran? If so, we hope you can use this site to convince your friends and children to
“Choose Life, Not War””