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Mobile Apps

Quaid Technologies is leading in mobile application development and is the choice of hundreds of organizations looking for native and extraordinary apps. We are proudly dealing with the future, as mobile is the future. We have a proven reputation in demarcation and creation of award winning Apps for iOS. Our developers have delivered complex apps across fields with the complete understanding of the criticality of time and affordability. Read More

Java SmartCards, eTags!

Smart Cards

Quaid Technologies provides a variety of smart card applications envisioned to update outdated methods and move towards becoming an e-community. In today’s world, smart cards playing vital role in everyday life. We encounter them as credit cards, loyalty cards, membership cards, parking cards, electronic purses, health cards, and as digital signature. Smart Cards technology is use on devices with limited memory and processing power. Read More

Penetration Testing , Network's Security


The fundamental layer of protection is much needed before upsetting your company’s crucial data on web. The quick advancement of Web-borne malware developed digital dangers and data security dangers. Now the Web Threat Security is more common than anytime. With the increasing number of cyber criminals, now the web requires more advanced system other than customary system security and host based security innovations. Read More

Software Development, Designing, Internet Marketing (SEO, SEM, SMO, PPC)

Making Your Custom Software, Designing Graphics For You, Marketing Your Needs at Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook,, Emails, Newsletters, and Much More!!!
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Softwares Development

Quaid Technologies offers custom software development with technology & subject matter expertise combined. We venture with an array of software companies in the industry, starting from fresh names to the established ones. We add latest features, enhanced settings, and custom considerations. Our leading edge technical experts have ability in creating any sort of site using any stage by appropriately understanding your business needs.Read More

Responsive Web Designs, 2D/ 3D Animations, Graphic

Web Designing

Our firm creates beautiful interactive web designs. We have experienced and simply efficient web site designers who know the trends and hold the graphic department. They are the men with high standard of innovation and creativity. With endless ideas and possibilities, Quaid technologies can simply create a basic site, or a significantly more intricate one. We offer focused rates and excellent configuration for little magnates like authors, analysts, counselor and businessperson etc.Read More

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Internet Marketing(SEO/SEM)

We have smart and enthusiastic internet marketing experts who increase the quantity and quality of your businesses. Our agency concentrates in bringing all facets of your online presence together in order to endorse your business or product. As a pioneer in SEO, web plan, ecommerce, site transformation, and Internet promoting administrations, we provide our clients with the entire package for online presence. Our internet marketing services include Social Media, Link Building, Local Search, PPC, Content Creation and Web Design.Read More

Offshore Teams, Outsourcing Hub, SEO Content Writing, e-Publications, System Administration

Get Greater Benefit From Employing Offshore Teams. Outsource Your Development Teams/ Projects!
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Offshore Teams

Quaid Technologies has put in place a highly functional state of communication among the in house and offshore professionals. We offer best opportunity to hire right and dedicative professional to enhance your investment funds and in-house creativity. We provide this service from small to large businesses worldwide. We have highly skilled professionals who have outstanding experience in IT necessities. Select from our Microsoft-Certified Professionals with years of industry experience to help & enrich your corporate. Read More

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Content Writing

Make your fresh start with relevant content and fundamental material. We pride ourselves on the quality of the content we provide to our customers .Whatever website substance we produce is 100% unique. Our content services include SEO copywriting, Researched content, Content editing and proofreading etc. Quaid Technologies experts ensure there are no grammatical errors in the content and that it is of high quality. Read More

MAC , LINUX Configurations, MAC / LINUX Servers

System Administration

System administration service has a substantial value to the owner because it increases the work efficiency and omit the dangers of disappointing situations. For organizations, the primary benefit of having us as their system administrative is like having direct access to an expert resource when needed, and it can fix problems with more efficiency, time and effectiveness. Quaid Technologies experts are proficient in System Administration, System Audit and overall system Management and also running services for many valued clients. Read More

Multimedia, Photography, Video Editing / IT Training Workshops

Professional Photographers, Video / Audio Editing Services, IT Traning Workshops by IT Professionals, having 10 years of Experience!
Latest Emerging Technologies

IT Training Workshops

IT Professionals need much pace with new and evolving technologies. Quaid Technologies run monthly/weekly basis training workshops on productive technologies & tools for IT Professionals as well as for the students. Get your group of professionals enrolled in our Technical courses and IT workshops every year. We have qualified instructors having 7+ years. We offer training on ANGEL, Excel, Access, Accessibility, iPads etc. We can also offer customized training.Read More

Journals, Research Papers


E-Publication consider as a center piece of Quaid Technologies since our authorities understood the importance and number of success chances a business can have. The E-Publications can consistently incorporate your edifice and outline partitions. We have more experience with EPUB, the key to device-sole interoperability. The size and scope of our investment in production and publishing processes give a glance of our client’s access to unrivaled scale and experience. Read More

Photography, Event shoots, Video Editing


We can turn your simple message into extraordinary story with our innovative multimedia service. We cover events in Dubai, Abu Dabhi, Sharja and Pakistan for well-known names along with that we are expanding our feathers in many other countries also. We have a crew of talented artist and skilled photographers. Our experts offer you a scope of direction from moment prints & advanced exhibitions of your pictures.Read More