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5 Major Business Process Automation Benefits You Should Know About

Fatima Chughtai, Mon, Sep 27,2021 | 3 min read

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Major Business Process Automation Benefits

Business process automation has emerged as a way to carry out a number of tasks without the need for any manual involvement. IT departments in firms extensively use automation to efficiently provision technology resources, cut operational costs and optimize overall utilization.

Technically, business process automation is a way of using technology to automate business processes in order to cut costs and increase productivity. Bear in mind that Business Process Automation (BPA) is completely different than Industrial Automation (IA). Typically, industrial automation deals with automating tasks that reduce physical labor, for example, assembling products. In business process automation, you automate processes and workflows.
5 Major Business Process Automation Benefits 

1- Reduce Operational Costs 

Running a business is a costly affair. Automation can substantially help in reducing cost and increasing profitability. However, most of the people find it difficult to choose tasks for automation. Well, any task that that doesn’t require human thought process but just a series of steps that can be predicted using computer logic can be chosen for automation.
These days, you can digitally sign documents, sign contracts and also easily manage organizational expenses using various software available in the market. Project Management tools like Trello have made it easier to manage the flow of work. A number of services like Zoho, Quickbooks, etc have made it very easy to pay suppliers, employees and manage other accounting tasks.

2- Deliver Superior Customer Service 

With automated customer service, you can provide faster and more accurate assist to your users, all while reducing the costs that are required to manage a support team.Using artificial intelligence, you can create great customer service that will answer all of their questions directly and provide the team working at the back end with required information and resources.
Considering the advancements in technology especially artificial intelligence, very soon, virtual assistants will be able to predict what customers are looking for by tracking their actions and understanding their needs. Once you identify the customer issues, you can provide real-time support using chatbots or displaying FAQs.

3-Improve Productivity

Using automation, you can seamlessly set up the process of the recurring payment of a regular bill. All you need to do is specify the payee, the amount and the frequency of transactions and link a bank account from where you are going to transfer the funds. Auto-payment is a great way to avoid late fees and ensure that the payments are done on-time. 
If you want to build an online presence on various social media platforms but are unable to spend enough time or hire someone to do so, you can set up a process to automatically push blog posts on your site or publish posts on Instagram, Facebook, etc.

4- Improve Employee Morale 

One way to improve employee engagement is by providing them opportunities that will help them develop a sense of purpose with regard to their work. A lot of employees today spend most of their time doing tedious, monotonous tasks that do not add much value to the organization.Once the employees have more time to focus on valuable work, managers need to make them aware of the strategic goals of the company or the department because only then they will be able to think of new ideas for the overall success of a business.

5- Enforce governance

Automation is a great way to implement governance in business, however, it is rarely considered as one. Any task that an automated process completes is essentially always documented. For every task, you get clear logs that tell you what was done, who did it and when it was done.All automation jobs can be done by service accounts and do not need direct access to the managed systems. So system managers and other officials can monitor all the tasks easily via a single screen interface.
There is no denying to the fact that automating business processes is contributing to an organization’s success. People have been using it for Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS), workflow platforms as well as to develop Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems.
The Bottom Line

In conclusion, automation, if implemented properly, can help you in increasing the efficiency and accuracy of your business processes. The employees of the company can spend their valuable time on significant proposals and agendas without worrying about other time-consuming tasks.


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