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Do Smartphones Affect Our Mental Health?

Fatima Chughtai, Thu, Oct 21,2021 | 1 min read

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Technology is neither good nor bad in itself. It’s how we use it, defines what influence it has on our lives!

Cell phones and smartphones have an unavoidable addictive quality. Small, young and old alike are hooked to their favorite apps knowingly or unknowingly for many hours in a day. Studies have shown that these digital portals can contribute to many negative side effects. The overuse can have a harmful impact on your posture, eyesight, and hearing, not to mention mental health of the individual in general.

Nearly 5 billion people use cell phones all over the world, while 3 billion users access the Internet on a regular basis. We have become a creature of habit, and we use gadgets so often in our daily lives without knowing that this can severely affect not only our life, but also our mental health. Excessive Phone usage may be closely tied to an increase in depression and anxiety. It has also been accounted for much of the psychological issues and increased unhappiness.

According to researchers cell phone usage at night might interrupt normal sleep habits, leading to fatigue, which can cause depression and anxiety symptoms. Also finding indicate that poor sleep quality connected with late-night texting or calling was linked to a decline in mental health, including depression and low self-esteem.

 So while the research remains inconclusive, it might be important to look at how you feel before and after you spend ample amounts of time on your cell phone. It may seem bland— it may offer a prospect to improve your mental health.

Ultimately, any new technology is neither good nor bad in itself. It’s how we use it, defines what influence it has on our lives. There are many advantages to this digital era, but allowing yourself or you’re your young ones at home an unbound access to the sometimes poisonous environment of social media seems to be harming them psychologically.

But there is always something we can do about it! We can put away our phones down, be in the outdoors and share a memory the old fashioned way. It can worth giving it a try, at least!

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