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Quaid Technologies offers custom software development with technology & subject matter expertise combined. We venture with an array of software companies in the industry, starting from fresh names to the established ones.


Concepting & Strategy

User Interface

App Development

Q/A & Testing


Ongoing Enhancement

  • Concepting & Strategy
  • User Interface
  • App Development
  • Q/A & Testing
  • Development
  • Ongoing Enhancement


Accounts /Inventory /HR Systems

Quaid Technologies have a vast dexterity for managing and maintaining the quality of annual financial report schemes and the state property accounting record reports. We keep all the stock records on a centralized computer database. We lead and screen the annual physical inventory cycle and review those reports together by keeping them divided on a regular basis. Later we give stock data and reference assets to the division workforce.Here, you’ll find information on industry tech and trends paired with tips to help your business remain competitive.



Point of Sales System

Quaid Technologies also have the provisions of ecommerce facility to different sections of vendors, producers, associations and government organizations. QuaidTech helps medium-sized organizations to develop with substantial accomplishments. Our administration of ecommerce has the procedure of counseling, establishing of ecommerce stores, advance assistance for making the business versatile, incorporation with outsider programming, making secure PCI-consistent facilitating, American-based client help and many more whatever the client requires..

Desktop Apps/Health Portals

We are very keen towards collecting and importing databases from diverse information sources like Entrust, TMB and NPI. QuaidTech cares for the databases of medical specialists like their medicinal records. The very basic inquiry form we put on the website can gather data focused around Zip Code and client IP. Our social insurance improvement management hunts individualities of therapeutic techniques, office pursuits, restorative methodology and practitioners.


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