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Quaid Technologies holds more than 20 years of experience in various fields of Information Technology. From simple to complex projects, we bespoke each project requirement whilst keeping abreast with advanced technologies and frameworks. By hiring our offshore team, you are actually hiring the whole company for yourself. You do not need to establish any of the infrastructures like office space, hardware, software, and communication facilities which definitely is a cost advantage.



Thriggle (USA)

Quaid Technologies have been providing offshore team services to Thriggle (Steadfast Marketing USA) for web and mobile apps for the past decade and continues to do so. As of the past few years QuaidTech has put together a small but very efficient, mobile app team. In addition to the highest level of integrity, Thriggle has gained benefit from the synergy of our design, mobile app and web development team to deliver a consistent & quality product.


TechFirm FZE (Dubai)

We offered a devoted development team for all the technologies & architecture for Dubai DevOps team. With years of valuable experience, we have worked with them to create a sophisticated offshore team that has satisfied their requirements for their various start up and already running projects. As in for news, social media platforms, supplications, parking and donation apps etc.


BrainSpan (USA)

Our cloud team has provided professional services to Brainspan Ltd. The team was engaged to work on the MT2020 app right from the inception stage. A dedicated team of 8-9 members of team were hired full time for its mobile and web app development and maintenance.


LayAway (Australia)

We have been the offshore development team for Play Travel Australia for the past 2 years. Whilst working along with the team in Australia, Q Team has made rewarding contributions in the launch and success of this project. Our management selected the top IT experts from our wide range of dedicated specialists, to craft an offshore development team that paved the way for our client’s need and seamlessly integrated with the organization.



MILE offers participants’ priceless engagements with the world’s most influential academics and business leaders to discuss and debate on a range of critical management and leadership issues. Our team has been working closely with the management of Mile for more than 5 years. We have worked on their website development, managing and arranging webinars, digital marketing.


USGCO (Thailand)

We have the resources, talent, means, and expertise to meet the requirements of any project. QuaidTech's offshore development team has been working with USGCO dedicatedly for more than half a decade and still continue to provide services in the development and improvement of their current site.

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