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Being the Development & Technical partner, Quaid Technologies is part of various organisations and projects around the globe. We have given services to many enterprises & organisations in Public & Private sectors. Below is the snippet of work done by us.

About DAEP

DAEP (Dubai Aviation Engineering Projects) is a leading engineering organization responsible for the design, master planning, infrastructure development and construction of Dubai’s dynamic aviation sector. Under the leadership of Mr. Jonathan Ali Khan, team QuaidTech uplifted the design of DAEP. In addition to design (UX/UI) services, our team did a photography as well as a video promo for the DAEP successfully.

  •   Year Development: 2018 - 2019
  •   Client: Government of Dubai
  •   Joint Venture: Quaid Technologies with Real Image UAE
  •   Live URL: Click to Open

About Askari Bank

Askari Bank is a commercial bank and is owned by Fauji Foundation. They needed to automate their recruitment portal and resolve several operational challenges related to it. Our client aimed to eliminate unnecessary delays in hiring, minimise labour and streamline the recruitment process. Within a few months, we automated our client’s job portal to help them reduce recruitment cost and boost operational efficiency.

  •   Year Development: 2005
  •   Client: Fauji Foundation
  •   Live URL: Click to Open


Get latest news from United States to UK to Japan, around the world including but not limited to India, Pakistan, Philippines, Sweden, Germany, France, Italy, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and other without annoying Advertisements. We also maintained an easy sharing mechanism with quick access to a further range of settings and options.

  •   Year Development: 5 Years (Ongoing)
  •   Client: Dubai DevOps Team
  •   Live URL: Click to Open

About Play Travel

Play Travel is a web app for people who love to travel without being worried about making payments upfront. Through this app travelling is made accessible to more Australians, by offering them flexible payment plans, and has given globetrotters rejoice. Suddenly, travel doesn’t have to mean making scary upfront payments. Instead, you can now choose one of our interest-free instalment options for holidays. The QuaidTech team, whilst working along with the team in Australia has made rewarding contributions to the success and launch of this project.

  •   Year Development: 2 Years (Ongoing)
  •   Client: LayAway Travel Australia
  •   Live URL: Click to Open

About DEPA App Store

DEPA App Store is a dynamic form solution built on the Form.io platform. It empowers administrators to create dynamic applications and generate their respective forms using the Form.io form builder. In addition, we have developed a custom solution to manage the hierarchy between child and parent applications, as well as establish a structured workflow for submission data management. Form.io, a powerful form-building platform, serves as the foundation of our solution. This enables seamless creation and customization of forms, making it easier than ever to tailor applications to specific needs. Our custom hierarchy management system ensures a clear and organized structure for applications, allowing for efficient management and navigation. Furthermore, our workflow hierarchy for submission data provides a structured approach to handle and process data, ensuring that information flows smoothly within the system. Together, these components create a comprehensive and adaptable solution for dynamic application and form management.

  •   Year Development: 2022 (Ongoing)
  •   Client: Depa Interiors LLC

About Ballistic Calculator App

Getting Better Results

This App presents enhanced features as well as graphical representation of trajectories, in all weathers and all locations.

  •   Year Development: 2020 - 2021
  •   Client: Armed Forces / Public Private Partnership

About PlanPay

PlanPay is an innovative payment platform that allows users to pay for their purchases in advance, offering flexible payment intervals such as weekly, monthly, or fortnightly. Users have the convenience of planning their payments ahead of time, making budgeting easier. The platform seamlessly integrates with various retailers, providing a convenient shopping experience. PlanPay emphasizes affordability and financial control, with proactive payment reminders and accessible account management. Overall, PlanPay empowers users to proactively manage their expenses and enjoy the products and services they desire.



Thriggle is a community driven happy hour app founded to help the local music community. Quaid Technologies and its team has developed the mobile and web app to find great happy hour deals in the most efficient, organised, user friendly way that will help users to plan a fun evening, while saving time and money.

  •   Year Development: 2018 (Ongoing)
  •   Client: Walter Hayes
  •   Live URL: Click to Open

About ScalaMed

ScalaMed has re-invented prescriptions (Rx) to create a gateway for patient access and influence. We now enable Rxs to be routed directly to patients' phones (from any EMR) - creating a patient centered way to influence medication behavior and support outcomes .We license our technology as APIs that embed into any 3rd party App (including telemedicine, payers, PBMs, hospital systems and virtual care platforms), enabling the most frequent healthcare transaction to occur inside our customers' apps/digital ecosystems.

About MT2020


MT2020 allows physicians/ doctors to add cases using iOS and Android mobile apps, as well as using web portals. They can use apps to contact other physicians. Using maps they can browse the regions and can see hospital's ratings and list of doctors working in particular hospitals. The goal of MT2020 is to provide easy access to doctors to add case data.

  •   Year Development: 2019-2020
  •   Client: BrainSpan LLC
  •   Live URL: Click to Open

M/S Quaid Technologies in partnership with Information Architects

M/S Quaid Technologies, in partnership with Information Architects, USA has a distinguished track record of successful collaborations with various high-profile clients. Our joint ventures span multiple sectors and regions.

We have built a reputation for delivering exceptional results, leveraging our combined expertise to meet the unique needs of each client.

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