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Being the Development & Technical partner, Quaid Technologies is part of various organisations and projects around the globe. We have given services to many enterprises & organisations in Public & Private sectors. Below is the snippet of work done by us.


The US Department of States aims to provide annual Green Card Program for people from low-immigration nations the opportunity to become permanent residents of the United States. Applying for participation is quite easy and can be done online on the United States Green Card Office website (USGCO). QuaidTech's offshore development team has been working with USGCO for more than half a decade and still continue to provide services.

  •   Year Development: 6 Years (ongoing)
  •   Client: Tobias Pjedsted
  •   Live URL: Click to Open

About Stambz - Restaurant Loyalty App

In colloboration with NURT, UAE, we made Stambz is an innovative, cross-platform app to enhance customer loyalty for restaurants in Denmark. Stambz allows users to earn coins through their dining experiences, which can be redeemed for free meals and various other rewards. By providing a seamless and engaging way for customers to interact with their favorite restaurants, Stambz not only boosts customer retention but also drives new business growth. The app's user-friendly interface and robust functionality make it a valuable tool for both restaurant owners and patrons. Made in Danish language.

About MILE

Overseas Development Team - Staff Augmentation MILE is focused on building leadership and entrepreneurial excellence in the Arab and Muslim world. The non-profit organisation is building local intellectual capital and leveraging a business model that ensures sustainability and relevant development opportunities to our present and future business leaders. We worked as MILE's overseas IT team for more than five years till they shifted whole operations in-house.

  •   Year Development: 2013- Website Development and Maintenance for 5 Years
  •   Client: Mr. 3M
  •   Live URL: Click to Open


CatWalk.com.au, a premier e-commerce platform, leverages our expertise in Magento development to deliver an exceptional online shopping experience. Our dedicated overseas team handles the day-to-day development and maintenance of the website, ensuring seamless functionality and performance. Additionally, we are responsible for devising and executing comprehensive content strategies to enhance user engagement and drive sales. Through our continuous efforts, CatWalk.com.au has maintained its competitive edge in the dynamic e-commerce landscape.

About Cardinal Health

Cardinal Health, headquartered in Dublin, Ohio, is a healthcare powerhouse with over 46,500 dedicated partners. They bridge clinical and operational healthcare, serving nearly 90% of U.S. hospitals, 60,000+ pharmacies, and offering home healthcare products to millions of patients. Their digital solutions aid medication adherence for over 23 million patients and 60 payers, making them an essential force in healthcare. Cardinal Health offers comprehensive healthcare solutions spanning the entire care continuum, empowering providers and healthcare systems to enhance patient outcomes.

About UAE Parking

The ideal application for easy payment of parking in various cities of the Emirates via SMS messages The application enables you to pay via SMS in all parking systems in the Emirates. All you have to do is add your vehicle plate number and then choose the emirate: The feature of sharing locations via WhatsApp to delivery staff without the need to store phone numbers. The easy and simple app uses SMS to pay for your parking tickets in the UAE. Each emirate has its own SMS number and a special format to pay parking fees through SMS. The app is in Arabic

About Punjab Tourism

Punjab Tourism was a pioneering project initiated and ran by the government of Punjab, with significant sponsorship and support from the World Bank. The primary objective of this project was to promote tourism in the state of Punjab by harnessing the power of technology. One of the key components of this initiative was the development of a comprehensive tourism website which was designed to cover a wide range of information and services related to tourism in Punjab. The "Punjab Tourism" website was a dynamic, user-friendly platform that served as a one-stop destination for both tourists and travelers interested in exploring the diverse attractions that Punjab has to offer!

  •   Year Development: 2022
  •   Client: Government of Punjab

M/S Quaid Technologies in partnership with Information Architects

M/S Quaid Technologies, in partnership with Information Architects, USA has a distinguished track record of successful collaborations with various high-profile clients. Our joint ventures span multiple sectors and regions.

We have built a reputation for delivering exceptional results, leveraging our combined expertise to meet the unique needs of each client.

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