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Being the Development & Technical partner, Quaid Technologies is part of various organisations and projects around the globe. We have given services to many enterprises & organisations in Public & Private sectors. Below is the snippet of work done by us.

About MILE

MILE is focused on building leadership and entrepreneurial excellence in the Arab and Muslim world. The non-profit organisation is building local intellectual capital and leveraging a business model that ensures sustainability and relevant development opportunities to our present and future business leaders. We worked as MILE's overseas IT team for more than five years till they shifted whole operations in-house.

  •   Year Development: 2013- Website Development and Maintenance for 5 Years
  •   Client: Mr. 3M
  •   Live URL: Click to Open

About Punjab Tourism

Punjab Tourism was a pioneering project initiated and ran by the government of Punjab, with significant sponsorship and support from the World Bank. The primary objective of this project was to promote tourism in the state of Punjab by harnessing the power of technology. One of the key components of this initiative was the development of a comprehensive tourism website which was designed to cover a wide range of information and services related to tourism in Punjab. The "Punjab Tourism" website was a dynamic, user-friendly platform that served as a one-stop destination for both tourists and travelers interested in exploring the diverse attractions that Punjab has to offer!

  •   Year Development: 2022 (Ongoing)
  •   Client: Government of Punjab

About DEPA App Store

DEPA App Store is a dynamic form solution built on the Form.io platform. It empowers administrators to create dynamic applications and generate their respective forms using the Form.io form builder. In addition, we have developed a custom solution to manage the hierarchy between child and parent applications, as well as establish a structured workflow for submission data management. Form.io, a powerful form-building platform, serves as the foundation of our solution. This enables seamless creation and customization of forms, making it easier than ever to tailor applications to specific needs. Our custom hierarchy management system ensures a clear and organized structure for applications, allowing for efficient management and navigation. Furthermore, our workflow hierarchy for submission data provides a structured approach to handle and process data, ensuring that information flows smoothly within the system. Together, these components create a comprehensive and adaptable solution for dynamic application and form management.

  •   Year Development: 2022 (Ongoing)
  •   Client: Depa Interiors LLC

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